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From Historic Roadsides of New Jersey by The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, 1928
Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2002


Governors Under The Proprietors
Philip Carteret 1665-1672
John Berry 1672-1673
Anthony Colve 1673-1674

Governors of East Jersey And Their Deputies
Philip Carteret 1674-1682
Robert Barclay 1682-1688
Thomas Rudyard, Deputy 1682-1683
Gawen Lawrie, Deputy1683-1686
Lord Neill Campbell, Deputy 1686-1687
Andrew Hamilton, Deputy 1687-1690
Edmund Andros 1688-1689
Andrew Hamilton 1692-1697
Jeremiah Basse 1698-1699
Andrew Hamilton 1699-1702

Governors of West Jersey And Their Deputies
Edward Byllynge 1680-1687
Samuel Jennings, Deputy 1681-1684
Thomas Olive, Deputy 1684-1685
John Skene, Deputy 1685-1687
Daniel Cox 1687-1688
Edmund Andros 1688-1689
Edward Hunloke, Deputy1690
Andrew Hamilton 1692-1697
Jeremiah Basse 1697-1699
Andrew Hamilton 1699-1702

Under The Royal Government

Governors of New Jersey And New York
Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury 1703-1708
John, Lord Lovelace 1708-1709
Richard Ingoldsby, Lieut. And Governor 1709-1710
Robert Hunter 1710-1719
William Burnet 1720-1728
John Montgomerie 1728-1731
Lewis Morris, President Of Council 1731-1732
William Cosby 1732-1736
John Anderson, President Of Council 1736
John Hamilton, President Of Council 1736-1738

Governors of New Jersey Only
Lewis Morris 1738-1746
John Hamilton, President Of Council 1746-1747
John Reading, President Of Council 1747
Jonathan Belcher 1747-1757
Thomas Pownall, Lieut. Governor 1757
John Reading, President Of Council 1757-1758
Francis Bernard 1758-1760
Thomas Boone 1760-1761
Josiah Hardy 1761-1762
William Franklin 1763-1776

Governors of the State
William Livingston 1776-1790
William Paterson 1790-1792
Richard Howell 1792-1801
Joseph Bloomfield 1801-1802
John Lambert (Acting) 1802-1803
Joseph Bloomfield 1803-1812
Aaron Ogden 1812-1813
William Sandford Pennington 1813-1815
Mahlon Dickerson 1815-1817
Isaac Halsted Williamson 1817-1829
Garret Dorset Wall (Declined) 1829
Peter Dumont Vroom 1829-1832
Samuel Lewis Southard 1832-1833
Elias P. Seely 1833
Peter Dumont Vroom 1833-1836
Philemon Dickinson 1836-1837
William Pennington 1837-1843
Daniel Haines 1843-1844
Charles C. Stratton 1845-1848
Daniel Haines 1848-1851
George Franklin Fort 1851-1854
Rodman Mccauley Price 1854-1857
William Augustus Newell 1857-1860
Charles Smith Olden 1860-1863
Joel Parker 1863-1866
Marcus Lawrence Ward 1866-1869
Theodore Frelinghuysen Randolph 1869-1872
Joel Parker 1872-1875
Joseph Dorsett Bedle 1875-1878
George Brinton Mcclellan 1878-1881
George Craig Ludlow 1881-1884
Leon Abbett 1884-1887
Robert Stockton Green 1887-1890
Leon Abbett 1890-1893
George Theodore Werts 1893-1896
John William Griggs 1896-1898
Foster Macgowan Voorhees (Acting) 1898
David O. Watkins 1898-1899
Foster Macgowan Voorhees 1899-1902
Franklin Murphy 1902-1905
Edward Casper Stokes 1905-1908
John Franklin Fort 1908-1911
Woodrow Wilson 1911-1913
James F. Fielder, Acting Governor 1913
Leon R. Taylor, Acting Governor 1913-1914
James F. Fielder 1914-1917
Walter E. Edge 1917-1919
William N. Runyon, Acting Governor 1919-1920
Clarence E. Case, Acting Governor 1920
Edward I. Edwards 1920-1923
George S. Silzer 1923-1926
A. Harry Moore 1926

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