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A New Jersey Mastodon
Originally Published By
New Jersey State Museum

By Glenn L. Jepsen

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

Numbers Refer to Locations on the Map Below
  1. Before 1818
    Navesink Hills, Monmouth Co.
    Part of tibia (leg bone)

  2. 1824
    Long Branch, Monmouth Co.
    Most of skeleton

  3. 1827 Rockport, Warren Co.
    Jaw, teeth, vertebrae, leg bones

  4. 1832
    Pemberton, Burlington Co.
    Bones and teeth

  5. 1840
    Pemberton, Burlington Co.
    Parts of skeleton

  6. 1844
    Hackettstown, Warren Co.
    5 or 6 skeletons, one at Harvard University

  7. 1846
    Plattsburg (Sykesville), Burlington Co.
    Part of skeleton

  8. 1851
    Greendell, Sussex Co. (formerly Green (s)ville)
    Part of skeleton

  9. Before 1868
    Harrisonville, Gloucester Co.

  10. Before 1868
    Mullica Hill, Gloucester Co.

  11. Before 1868
    Freehold, Monmouth Co.

  12. Before 1868
    Freehold, Monmouth Co.
    Milk tooth

  13. Before 1868
    Marlboro, Monmouth Co.
    Portion of jaw

  14. Before 1868
    Verona, Essex Co.

  15. Before 1868
    Hackettstown, near Vienna, Warren

  16. Before 1868
    Hope, Warren Co.
    Part of skeleton

  17. 1878
    Trenton, Mercer Co.

  18. 1882
    Freehold. Monmouth Co.
    Tusks, skull, and teeth

  19. 1882
    Long Branch, Monmouth Co.

  20. 1882
    Manasquan Inlet. Monmouth Co.
    Tusk and bones

  1. 1883
    Corona, Bergen Co. (S.E. of Lodi)
    Tusk and other teeth

  2. 1887
    Pemberton, Burlington Co.
    Parts of skeleton

  3. Before 1894, maybe as early as 1870
    Mannington, Salem Co.
    Skeleton in Rutgers University

  4. Before 1903
    Woodbury, Gloucester Co.

  5. Before 1903
    Pemberton, Burlington Co.
    Skull (used as stepping stone)

  6. Before 1903
    Englishtown, Monmouth Co.

  7. Before 1903
    Boonton, Morris Co.

  8. Before 1923
    Pemberton, Burlington Co.

  9. 1930
    Union, Union Co.

  10. 1936
    Cranford, Union Co.
    Tusks and bones

  11. 1989
    Stokes State Forest (Shotwell Pond) Sussex Co.
    Teeth and bones

  12. 1940
    Westfield, Union Co.
    Part of skull

  13. 1941
    Quaker Church, Warren Co.

  14. 1948
    At sea off Atlantic City

  15. 1951
    Off Barnegat Inlet

  16. 1951
    Lumberton, Burlington Co.

  17. 1951
    At sea off Ambrose Lightship

  18. 1953
    Off Atlantic City

  19. 1954
    Vernon, Sussex Co.

  20. About 1957
    Holgate (South of Beach Haven)
    Part of a leg bone

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